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NEFCO Product Catalog (2014)

We've created this catalog so that you can download it easily from our website, and we are making plans to keep it updated as we add new features like our Multi-Panel Mounting Section for our Launder Covers – and new products, like our FRP Baffle Walls. Read more

New Product: NEFCO FRP Baffle Walls

NEFCO’s FRP Baffle Walls are designed to improve flow control in multiple water and wastewater applications. Our line of Baffle Walls has been proven reliable, meeting or exceeding industry standards. Visit the product page for more information, or download the new NEFCO Product Catalog for specs and technical drawings. Read more

NEFCO Announces a Multi-Panel Mounting Section for Its Algae Cover Systems

NEFCO has developed a new feature for its Algae Cover System that ensures accurate alignment of the Cover despite variations in the tank wall. This feature also dramatically speeds and simplifies the Cover installation. NEFCO’s Algae Cover System consists of an arrangement of two-piece Cover segments, each consisting of a Mounting Section and a Cover Section connected by a continuous stainless steel hinge. The Mounting Section can be fastened to the tank wall or the weir wall and serves as the fixed ... Read more

NEFCO’s New Whiteboard Video

Here’s an entertaining 3-minute video about NEFCO’S Stamford Density Current Baffle®, SB 2.0, the next generation DCB. SB 2.0 is the result of a major study of the design features that determine baffle performance using computer analysis and modeling. The new baffle outperforms all other baffles available today. In addition to significantly reducing effluent solids, the baffle increases the hydraulic flow through the clarifier and handles those difficult I and I problems that arise when you least expect them. Enjoy the video. Read more


The study was originally conceived to evaluate the performance of the NEFCO Stamford Baffle design and several variations on that design to better understand the parameters that affected baffle performance. To that end, the plan was straightforward. The first step was the simulation of a 70-ft diameter clarifier. This clarifier would serve as the test bed to calculate the predicted effectiveness of each design in reducing effluent solids. As these first steps were completed, however, the simulations produced a number of ... Read more

The Monclova Experience

The Town of Monclova, Mexico found it necessary to increase the hydraulic capacity of its municipal wastewater treatment plant by 35% - from approximately 11.5 MGD to 15.5 MGD. The increase in flow was accomplished by upgrading the plant’s biological treatment process. Once the modifications were completed, the flow through the plant was gradually increased. As the increased flow reached the plant’s three 112-foot diameter clarifiers, the total suspended solids in the effluent of each clarifier increased as well. It soon ... Read more

NEFCO™ expands into eastern European markets…

NEFCO, Incorporated, a privately held company headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is pleased to announce its new strategic alliance with Ecometec Gmbh of Munich, Germany Ecometec is a trading company marketing products to the oil, medical, water and wastewater industries. It will have responsibility for promoting NEFCO's engineered fiberglass products in the established markets of Bavaria and Austria, as well as the emerging markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. Earle Schaller, the President and Founder of NEFCO states, ... Read more

NEFCO™ Awarded New Patents

NEFCO™ has been granted two new patents for its Dual Surface Baffle System. The Dual Surface Baffle was developed from work done as a part of NEFCO’s on-going Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Density Current Baffle Study. The first, US Patent No. 7,556,157, describes a Dual Surface Baffle with a curved lower baffle segment. The second, US Patent No. 7,726,494, describes a Dual Surface Baffle with an upper surface inclined at 30 degrees from the horizontal, and a straight, inclined lower surface. ... Read more

NEFCO™ Presents “Baffle Basics”

"Density currents" and "density current baffles" are common terms in the lexicon of clarifier design. In terms of the baffles, the inclined Stamford Baffle is generally recognized as the most cost-effective improvement in clarifier performance available. Several years ago, NEFCO undertook a detailed, multi-year study of baffle performance that resulted in some significant changes in the way we think about the baffle and its design. These changes are reflected in this revision of “Baffle Basics.” Download: Read more