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NEFCO Fiberglass Baffle Wall Systems


Multiple Water & Wastewater Applications

NEFCO’s Baffle Walls are ideal for underwater flow control applications. FRP Baffle Wall panels have a longer lifecycle than concrete or steel baffle panels which are subject to rot or corrosion, making NEFCO’s Baffle Walls more cost effective than those alternatives. The lightweight panels are easy to install and can be easily removed for cleaning and access. Baffle panels are available multiple configurations, designed for installation of new systems or the rehabilitation of existing systems. Baffles can be mounted to existing columns, attached to H-beams or attached to concrete walls with clip angles.

Engineered To Last

NEFCO’s FRP Baffle Walls are designed to improve flow control in multiple water and wastewater applications. Our line of Baffle Walls has been proven reliable, meeting or exceeding industry standards.


  • Corrosion/Rot Resistant
  • Low Conductivity
  • Lightweight
  • High Strength
  • UV Resistance

  • Municipal & Industrial Water and Wastewater Systems
  • Aeration Chambers
  • Contact Chambers
  • Retention Basins
  • Materials of Construction